Raleigh Fabric and Design offers a selection of upholstery fabrics to revive your sofas, loveseats, wing back chairs, headboards, ottomans and much more.

Checklist for Upholstered Pieces

The Frame

  • The furniture's skeleton should not wiggle between the joints.

The Fill

  • There is a variety of material to choose from and each come with its own properties. Decide whether one material or a combination is right for you. More firm: high-density polyurethane combined with a cotton layer wrapped in cotton batting. More soft: low-density polyurethane combined with a layer of down wrapped in cotton batting.

The Cushions

  • Whether attached or detached, with springs or without, all cushions should have the same touch, that is, they should all be soft or they should all be firm.

The Fabric

  • Consider the rub of the weave, or the quality of your vinyl, or perhaps the printed pattern of your fabric.