Window Treatments


Longer lengths are more formal and beg your attention though they may not be appropriate for short or badly proportioned windows.

Full Length

From the top of the window (or sliding glass doors in this case) to barely touching the floor.


From the top of the window to the bottom of the apron.


From the top of the window to a foot or more past the floor line so that the puddling looks intentional rather than accidental.

Cafe Curtains

Enough privacy at eye-level at a casual country farmhouse.


The pleating or gathering at the top of each drapery determines the style of fold that is created when hung.

Pinch Pleats

A series of evenly spaced sets of double or triple pleats that are pinched at the waist and fan out above and below it.

Goblet Pleats

A series of evenly spaced sets of goblet shaped pleats stuffed with fiberfill.

Inverted Pleat

The fabric pleat is in the back of the drape so you see a flat heading.


Stainless steel grommets are evenly placed within the fabric.


These sit atop the window like a decorative hat.


Constructed of a plain plywood wrapped in cotton batting to create a boxed, scalloped, or geometric shape which is then wrapped in your fabric.


Your design and fabric atop a usually 4" wide x 1" thick board or through a curtain rod.