Design Services

Question: What elements of your home do you love? What would you like to change?

Step 1: Conversation

What are your expectations or our consultation? We can begin with the dimensions of your space or a piece of furniture and provide:

  • A quote for amount of yardage needed
  • A quote for labor and materials

A longer list of our services include but are not limited to:

  • Color coordination
  • Fabric selection
  • Furniture placement
  • Lighting
  • Window treatments
  • Art and finishing details
  • Flooring

When completely combined we create a visual display called: The Vision Board.

Step 2: Your Budget

Raleigh Fabric and Design is able to work within any budget.

Your budget may or may not need to include the following:

  • Paid consultation
  • Labor for upholstery and/or custom sewing
  • Fabric and/or lining
  • Furniture and/or materials needed for decoration
  • Installation and/or hardware

Step 3: All good things take time

Please allow

  • 3 - 4 weeks for custom sewing to return
  • 4-6 weeks for custom upholstery to return
  • 6 weeks for custom furniture to return
  • up to 5 business days for a "rough draft" vision board
  • up to 10 business days for a finished decision + consultation of your project